Friday, 14 May 2010

Ups and Downs

I'm hungover. There's no point denying it any longer. I have been up and about for two hours now and my general condition is quite clearly deteriorating. The reasons for this situation are threefold.

Fold One
I woke up yesterday morning in fine fettle and decided the time was nigh to follow up on the job mentioned in my previous post. This took most of the morning and during the exchange of text messages I decided to go for lunch with Prakash. Now, Prakash is a legend and I've got to know him pretty well during the last couple of weeks. He was saying yesterday how he is struggling for work and has not done any guiding since October. That's seven months without pay. I had in mind that should I get this job he would be the first person I'd hire and decided to mention this to him as I felt he needed cheering up and I was feeling very positive about things. At that exact moment my phone beeped saying the job was dead in the water.

The reason I was given was because of the visa, but I really got the impression the bloke simply couldn't be arsed to organise it (whch would be in keeping with the general style of management that I've heard the place uses), so I replied saying I was happy to organise it myself since I know a few Government people. His response was that would be illegal. Bollocks it would. Anyway, this was rather disappointing and I spent the rest of the afternoon in a sulk.

Fold Two
I was meeting Becci and some of her friends for dinner. I actually managed to find the restaurant without getting horribly lost, which was a first, and met up with the guys. Without going into too much detail we all had a very pleasant meal and a few beers and having met at 7pm we went our seperate ways at around 9:30 with promises to do such things more often. It was never going to take long for the social life to get up and running.

Fold Three
England won a semi-final of a major tournament. I really should not need to say more on that front, and the couple of Everest beers in Tom & Jerrys undoubtedly did more damage than the Carlsbergs at the restaurant.

So there we are, that is why I feel rubbish today. I am supposed to meet more people tonight for a leaving do which will invariably involved more booze. It's just as well I don't let little things like cash get in the way of life isn't it?

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