Sunday, 18 April 2010

Kathmandu & Kathmandon't

Well despite a few hiccups (wrong terminal at Heathrow and no Indian visa) and perhaps the worlds worst hangover (thanks to messers Lister and Staveley for that), I arrived in Kathmandu and as yet have not got sick...only a matter of time though.

I am living with a Nepali family, of which only one of the five speaks English, so beyond saying Namaste a lot and nodding I've not really cracked the conversation, will keep at it though.

My number over here is +977 9849144720, despite the fact that I am six hours ahead of the UK sleeping has so far been kept to a mimimum thanks largely to mooing cows, which start off the barking dogs, who in turn wake the roosters.

Thankfully I am a big fan of rice, as it looks as though I am going to be eating a lot of that in the coming weeks, awesome.

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